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    Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Feel Youthful and Sexy with Vaginal Rejuvenation Techniques

    Age takes its toll on all parts of the body—even those not immediately visible. And if you’ve had a number of children, a hysterectomy, injury, or are near the age of menopause, you may find that the areas in and around the vagina are in need of some revitalization.  If you find yourself experiencing vaginal laxity, vaginal atrophy, or a difficulty controlling your urge to urinate, it may be time to consider a vaginal revitalization treatment.  Fortunately, numerous vaginal rejuvenation options exist, and can help you feel youthful, sexy and in control once again.

    Drs. Burton and Reps Sundin are Board Certified (ABPS) plastic surgeons with offices in Richmond and Vienna, Virginia. Their philosophy, at Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center (MBody), is to offer high-quality care, coupled with next-generation advancements in cosmetic techniques, both surgical and non-surgical. They would be delighted to consult with you regarding a range of vaginal rejuvenation options, to help you determine which treatment best fits with your body type, condition, and desired outcomes.

    Customized Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Vaginal rejuvenation is not a once-size-fits-all endeavor. Each person’s body is completely unique, just as every individual has an original vision for her own self-image. At MBody, we recognize the originality of each woman’s body and aesthetic, and we aim to provide the information and tools you need to sculpt your physique to meet your own, individual standards. Some of the options for vaginal rejuvenation include:

    FemiLift—the FemiLift system is a fractional lasering technique that harnesses the power of heat to encourage the production of new vaginal collagen. A single, hygienic probe is inserted into the vaginal cavity, emitting lasers which achieve a microscopic thermal effect. The lasers both contract the existing fibers and promote the expansion of collagen, thus tightening and revitalizing the tissue. FemiLift treatments can be expected to:

    • Reduce vaginal laxity for a tighter, more youthful experience
    • Improve vaginal lubrication by stimulating the vulvo-vaginal mucosa tissue
    • Boost the immune system’s vaginal response, reducing incidence of recurrent infection
    • Reduce the effects of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

    MonaLisaTouch—For many women approaching menopause, symptoms of vaginal dryness, atrophy, and incontinence may become troubling. The MonaLisaTouch system is a relaxing, non-surgical way to boost collagen production in the vaginal mucosa, improving lubrication and muscle control. This laser-based treatment acts by stimulating the vaginal walls, encouraging the production of new collagen, as well as toning and thicken the vaginal mucosa for increased vaginal tightness. MonaLisaTouch is an excellent way to:

    • Reduce the incidence of itching and burning sensations
    • Increase vaginal lubrication and sexual comfort
    • Improve the tone and  vigor of vaginal walls

    ThermiVa—Unfortunately, vaginal laxity is a common side effect of both childbirth and/or menopause. And this new stage of life can bring new challenges, such as slight incontinence, manifested as “dribbling” or “leaking” during exercise or a sudden abdominal contraction, such as a sneeze. It can also contribute to vaginal dryness, difficulty attaining orgasm, and a general lack of confidence that comes with these symptoms. ThermiVa is a revolutionary new treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate thermal rejuvenation of vaginal tissues. The TermiVa is an excellent, non-surgical means of:

    • Addressing vaginal dryness and laxity
    • Restoring vaginal tone and function to a more youthful aspect
    • Reducing incidence of accidental “leaking”


    Contact Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center (MBody)

    At MBody Contouring and Laser Center, with office locations in Richmond, VA and Tysons Corner, VA, our valued patients know they will receive patient care in a serene, tranquil treatment environment.  Your MBody experience will provide you with a much-needed respite from the chaotic pace of everyday life—and will be your time to take care of yourself and emerge rejuvenated, refreshed, and looking your very best! 

    If you would like additional information about vaginal rejuvenation options, we encourage you to contact MBody Contouring and Laser Center today.  We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with one of our esteemed cosmetic surgeons.

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