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    Breast Boost Procedure

    Breast Boost ProcedureIncrease Breast Volume without Implants: Breasts through Augmentation with Fat Grafting

    • Larger breasts that look and feel natural!
    • Slims curves where you don’t want them and adds curves where you do!
    • Does not require implants or other foreign objects
    • Utilizes significantly smaller incisions than implant augmentation
    • May be performed under general or local anesthesia
    • Less discomfort and shorter recovery time than implant augmentation

    What is Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting?

    Breast enhancement with fat grafting (autologous breast enlargement), is an advanced method of breast augmentation that uses your body’s own excess fat cells to increase the volume and fullness of your breasts. Using gentle liposuction to remove fatty tissue from areas of the body where there is excess, usually the abdomen, thighs, and/or buttocks, and carefully and precisely implanting it into the natural breast tissue can create fuller, more voluptuous breasts that look and feel exactly like your own natural breasts!* This technique does not use synthetic implants, requires only small incisions that usually heal with very little, or even no scarring, and even leaves your overall physique just a bit slimmer!

    Although breast enhancement with fat grafting was a controversial technique for many years, studies now indicate that this advanced procedure can be performed safely and effectively when performed by an experienced, qualified physician1. Dr. Reps Sundin and Dr. Burton Sundin, lead surgeons at MBody: Modern Body Laser and Contouring Center, with two convenient locations in Richmond, Virginia and Vienna (Tyson’s Corner), Virginia are Board certified plastic surgeons and acknowledge experts in breast enhancement and body contouring. Their extensive knowledge of the advanced techniques required for successful harvesting and grafting of fatty tissue, together with their dedication to excellence in patient care, will help maximize your result while minimizing the potential for unwanted side effects and complications.

    Non-Excisional Breast Lift with Renuvion J-Plasma

    Drs. Sundin offers non-excisional lifting and skin tightening of the breasts with Renuvion J-Plasma. This advanced, Helium Plasma based-technology treatment tightens and firms the skin and can most times be performed in-office under local anesthesia. Click here to learn more about Renuvion J-Plasma.

    Who Is A Candidate for Breast Enlargement with Fat Grafting?

    Breast enlargement with fat grafting is appropriate for women who are seeking to increase their breast size by one, or possibly two cup sizes, and who are interested in a natural look and feel to the breasts. Candidates must also have sufficient excess fat tissue in donor areas—usually the abdomen and thighs—to enable harvesting a sufficient volume of fat cells for the augmentation. Finally, patients must be willing to undergo pre- and post-operative examination by a radiologist who specializes in breast imaging to limit the risk of breast cancer occurring coincidently with the procedure.

    It is important to note, however, that this breast enhancement technique may not be for everyone. For instance, it may not be appropriate for women seeking dramatic increase in breast volume, which can only be achieved through the use of implants. Moreover, fat grafting cannot lift sagging or drooping breasts due to ptosis, so in these cases, a breast lift (with or without augmentation) may be required to restore the appearance of perky, lifted, more youthful breasts.

    During your initial consultation, Dr. Sundin will review the benefits and potential risks of breast augmentation with fat grafting and will work with you to help you choose the procedure or combination of procedures best suited to achieve the physique you want.

    How Does Autologous Breast Enhancement Work?

    Fat grafting is a highly effective technique that, when performed by a qualified, Board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Burton Sundin or Dr. Reps Sundin, can result in curvier, fuller breasts that look and feel like your own natural breast tissue! The procedure itself is relatively simple: excess fat cells are carefully removed from a donor site, usually the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks, using a traditional liposuction technique. The fat cells are purified, then injected precisely into the natural breast tissue to increase volume and fullness. The result: less curves where you don’t want them and more curves where you do!

    For some patients, especially women with small, tight breast tissue, Dr. Sundin may recommend the use of the BRAVA system for improved results. The BRAVA system expands the natural breast tissue to create more room for the donor fat cells. The BRAVA system can also improve blood supply to the region, decreasing the risk of cell necrosis and increasing the likelihood that the grafted fat cells will survive. The BRAVA system involves wearing external suction devices over the breasts to gently, slowly, and safely expand existing fat cells in the breasts. If required, it must be worn for at least 10 hours per day for several weeks before and after the procedure.

    1. See for instance: Fat Injection to the Breast: Technique, Results, and Indications Based on 880 Procedures Over 10 Years, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 1 Sept 2009 (http://asj.oxfordjournals.org/content/29/5/360)

    *Individual results may vary. Results not guaranteed.

    The Body Contouring Specialists at Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center (MBody)

    At MBody: Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center, with office locations in Richmond, VA and Tysons Corner (Vienna), VA, our valued patients know they will receive exceptional patient care in a serene, tranquil treatment environment. Dr. Reps Sundin and Dr. Burton Sundin are both Board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in all of today’s most cutting-edge breast augmentation and body contouring techniques, including non-surgical, minimally-invasive, and surgical technologies. Our goal is to maximize your body contouring results by working closely with you to develop a comprehensive, customized treatment plan that incorporates, if necessary, a variety of treatment techniques appropriate to achieve your unique aesthetic goals!

    If you are interested in how breast augmentation with fat grafting can help you achieve fuller, more voluptuous, and naturally-beautiful breasts, please contact MBody: Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center today for more information.  We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with one of our highly-esteemed cosmetic surgeons.

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