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Relax and Enjoy a More Comfortable Procedure with Pro-Nox

When you’re undergoing procedures and treatments that involve some pain or discomfort, we can make the entire procedure more comfortable with PRO-NOX™. PRO-NOX is an inhaled nitrous oxide analgesia that you works within seconds to relieve any pain, anxiety, or discomfort. Instead of injecting lidocaine or using intravenous anesthesia for minor procedures, we can get you numb and relaxed quickly just by having you inhale through a mask.

We use it at our practice when performing the following procedures:

Benefits of Pro-Nox

We understand some patients are more sensitive to pain than others or may experience high levels of anxiety before a procedure. Pro-Nox works just like the nitrous oxide gas masks you see at the dentist’s office. We place a lightweight mask over your nose and mouth so you can inhale the gas easily. It delivers a steady stream of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide gas. Once it enters your system, you’ll start to feel very calm and relaxed within seconds.
Benefits of this type of sedation include:

  • Fast relief from pain and discomfort
  • Safest nitrous oxide mixture available
  • Designed with safety features
  • Needle-free alternative to anesthesia
  • No side effects
  • Wears off immediately
  • No risks and suitable for all patients

We can control the level of sedation you are experiencing and the effects wear off almost instantly after the gas is stopped. Pro-Nox is a convenient solution for inducing relaxation without causing any side effects. Patients resume regular activities shortly after treatment and will not have to wait for the sedation to wear off.

Whether you are undergoing liposuction or getting injectable fillers, we can make your visit that much more comfortable with in-office sedation. If you are concerned about pain or anxiety with your procedure, talk to us about sedation with Pro-Nox. Schedule your consultation at M-Body today!

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