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    MyEllevate – Minimally Invasive Necklift

    MyEllevate – Minimally Invasive, Minimal Downtime Necklift

    A sagging neckline and poorly defined jawline are two of the most conspicuous signs of aging that can make you appear older than you are. If you are looking for a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation treatment to enhance both these areas simultaneously, you may be a candidate for MyEllevate. 

    M-Body is proud to offer MyEllevate as one of the latest and most advanced non-surgical procedures to lift, contour and sharpen your lower face and neck, while defining your jawline. MyEllevate is the first and only technology that is based on the innovative ICLED light guided suture system to create high-precision results. 

    Unlike invasive surgeries, such as facelift and neck lift, MyEllevate gently lifts the muscles and glands to create an enhanced lower face and jawline contour. It also supports the loose neck bands to provide a comprehensive sculpted look to the region. This procedure can also be combined with non-surgical J-Plasma skin tightening to enhance results!

    Before and After

    Before and After videos courtesy of MyEllevate. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

    How MyEllevate Technology Works

    MyEllevate makes use of the cutting-edge ICLED and suture rod technique to strategically bind the underlying loose neck muscles and glands together with the help of a suture thread. This can be achieved without requiring surgical incisions. Your board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sundin, will then tie the suture thread to pull back the muscles and glands to eliminate the sagging effect in the neck.

    MyEllevate offers an excellent approach to sculpt and define your neck and jawline without the need for an incision below your chin. While the technique involves the use of sutures, it is not a traditional thread lift procedure. Results with MyEllevate can last much longer than the temporary effects of a dissolvable thread lift.

    Comfortable, In-Office Procedure

    At MBody, our trained MyEllevate surgeons can perform your procedure in-office, using only a local anesthetic. The session will last for about one hour, depending on the extent of your treatment. Your surgeon will create a series of tiny puncture in the marked sites along your jawline. A thread and needle that are guided by a unique light system will be applied to place the suture under your skin and over the muscle to bind the weak glands and muscles together. 

    As the loose underlying structures are laced firmly together, you will attain a youthful looking neck contour and a defined jawline. You may experience a feeling of tightness in the treated areas and minimal bruising and swelling for some time, but these effects will quickly resolve without any complication. You may return home immediately after the treatment and resume your normal activities depending on your comfort level. 

    Before and After

    Before and After videos courtesy of MyEllevate. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

    MyEllevate with Renuvion Skin Tightening

    Our plastic surgeons at MBody also offer a synergistic combination of MyEllevate with Renuvion skin tightening. You have an option to choose the groundbreaking MyEllevate as a standalone procedure or combined it with our popular skin enhancement technique Renuvion. Both these procedures are perfectly complementary to each other and can deliver more desirable and natural looking results together. 

    Renuvion is based on the innovative RF energy and helium plasma technology that triggers new collagen formation for skin tightening in the lower face and neck. MyEllevate, on the other hand, addresses the muscles and glands below the skin of your neck and jawline. When both these treatments are performed as a combination, it can eliminate years of damage and aging effects to restore a smooth, youthful face and neck appearance. 

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