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    Tummy Tuck

    I Eat Healthy and Do Sit-Ups, So Why Do I Still Have a Flabby Tummy?

    Every day, we are inundated with incredible pictures of beautiful, thin, toned celebrities, yoga instructors, and fitness coaches on TV, social media, and the web, all of which imply that achieving a flat, toned abdomen requires nothing more than a diet of special shakes and a few daily crunches. The truth, unfortunately, is far more complicated: lifestyle changes alone are often not enough to overcome the changes to the abdomen brought about by pregnancy and childbirth, weight loss and gain, the natural aging process, and even our genetic make-up. Accumulated fatty tissue in the abdomen is especially resistant to reduction through diet and exercise, while no amount of crunches can tighten loose skin that has lost its natural elasticity or correct structural weakness of the underlying abdominal musculature.

    A surgical “tummy tuck”, also known as abdominoplasty, is one of the most effective ways to achieve a flatter, slimmer, more contoured abdomen.* A tummy tuck involves repairing, lifting, and tightening the underlying abdominal musculature, removing loose, hanging, stretched-out skin, and reducing unsightly bulges caused by accumulated fatty tissue. When performed by skilled and experienced surgeons such as Board Certified (ABPS) plastic surgeons Dr. Reps Sundin and Dr. Burton Sundin at Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center (MBody) in Richmond, Virginia and Vienna, Virginia, tummy tuck surgery may be able to help you achieve a flatter, healthy-looking abdomen and more shapely figure!*

    Tummy Tuck
    Tummy Tuck
    Tummy Tuck

    Your Abdominoplasty Surgical Options

    Abdominoplasty surgery, or a “tummy tuck”, is a highly customizable procedure that will vary depending on the specific needs of each unique patient. After your initial consultation, which will include a thorough medical exam and in-depth discussion of your aesthetic concerns and goals, Dr. Sundin will work with you to develop an individually-tailored surgical plan incorporating only those surgical options appropriate for your anatomy and required to achieve your specific goals. In general, abdominoplasty options include:

    • Full abdominoplasty: Excess skin and accumulated fatty tissue is removed through an incision that usually extends from hip bone to hip bone across the lower abdomen and a cutout incision around the belly button. The abdominal muscle is also repaired and tightened, and the belly button repositioned.
    • Skin-Only Abdominoplasty: Ideal for patients who do not require muscle repair, this form of abdominoplasty focuses on removal of excess fatty tissue and lax skin only.
    • Extended abdominoplasty: Similar in scope to the full abdominoplasty, but involves a longer incision in order to excise additional accumulated fatty tissue around the hips (so-called “love handles”).
    • Mini Abdominoplasty: Involves only minimal muscle repair and skin excision, and requires a smaller incision (usually only a few inches long) near the pubic area (similar to a C-Section scar). Ideal for patients seeking to correct accumulated fatty tissue in the lower abdomen.

     Tummy Tuck Patient Testimonial

    What You Can Expect From Tummy Tuck Surgery

    Your tummy tuck can be performed in the safety and comfort of the MBody offices in Richmond or Vienna under general anesthesia. Depending on your specific procedure, a full abdominoplasty may require 3-5 hours, while a less extensive “tuck” may be completed in 1-2 hours. Once the surgery is complete, you will notice small, temporary drains in the incisions to help reduce excess blood and fluid; these will be removed about a week after the procedure. The incisions will be covered and the abdomen wrapped in a compression garment to help reduce post-operative swelling.

    As with all surgical procedures, your recovery will be as unique as you are, and will depend heavily on the specifics of your procedure as well as your general health and body’s capacity for healing. Most patients, however, find they need to take two to four weeks off of work to facilitate optimal healing, and all patients are advised to avoid strenuous physical activity for at least six weeks. Your results will become visible as the healing process begins and the swelling begins to subside, and your figure should continue to improve over several months as the residual swelling disappears.

    *DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary. Tummy tuck surgery is not intended for weight loss, and patients should already at or near their ideal weight. No body contouring procedure offers permanent results. While a tummy tuck does remove some fat cells and skin from the body, existing fat cells can continue to grow and expand to cause additional weight gain.

    What is the cost of a tummy tuck?

    A tummy tuck typically starts at $10,000. Full tummy tuck with liposuction of the anterior flank starts in the $12,500 range ($12,500-$18,000). All fees include the surgeon’s fees, operating room and facilities charges, anesthesia fees, implants, post-operative compression garments, and routine post-operative care. Fees can vary depending on the complexity of surgery and length of the procedure. Pricing given is not guaranteed but serves as a guideline before your consultation. You will be given an exact quote of all fees during your consultation.

    Contact Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center (MBody)

    At MBody Contouring and Laser Center, with office locations in Richmond and Tysons Corner, VA, our valued patients know they will receive patient care in a serene, tranquil treatment environment. Your MBody experience will provide you with a much-needed respite from the chaotic pace of everyday life—and will be your time to take care of yourself and emerge rejuvenated, refreshed, and looking your very best!

    If you are unhappy with the appearance of a sagging, flabby abdomen and would like more information about how a tummy tuck could dramatically improve your physique, please contact MBody Contouring and Laser Center today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with one of our esteemed cosmetic surgeons.

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