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    Now Offering CoolSculpting Elite!

    The latest Coolsculpting technology and machines
    Coolsculpting Diamond Provider, 1 of the to 20 practices offering coolsclupting in the united states

    We are happy to introduce CoolSculpting Elite, which is a new and improved fat freezing device from Allergan, Inc. Choose this practiced and completely non-invasive body contouring solution to get rid of the unsightly trouble spots where fat accumulation has occurred. 

    Whether you need treatment in large surface areas such as the stomach, love handles, back, breasts or thighs, or small but difficult-to-reach areas such as under the chin, CoolSculpting Elite has the versatility to deliver profound results.*  

    • Greater Fat Reduction: Compared to traditional CoolSculpting, the new Elite model removes more localized fat (up to 25%).
    • More Skin Coverage: With CoolSculpting Elite, you can achieve 18% more coverage of the skin surface with higher fat cell reduction.
    • Twin Applicators: Unlike the old device, which used only one applicator, Elite includes two applicators for more versatility.
    • Treatment Areas: CoolSculpting Elite is designed to treat as many as 9 areas from where the unwanted fat deposits can be removed.
    • Research-Backed: CoolSculpting Elite is backed by 10 years of research and development to provide an advanced fat-freeze solution.

    Reduce Stubborn Fat. 



    Board certified (ABPS) plastic surgeons Dr. Burton Sundin and Dr. Reps Sundin and the professional staff at the Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center (MBody) understand the frustrations of trying to sculpt an ideal physique on your own, as well as the logistical and budgetary challenges associated with surgical fat-reduction procedures (i.e. liposuction). To accommodate MBody’s busy patients who would like to improve their physique without interrupting their daily routine, we are pleased to offer Zeltiq’s revolutionary CoolSculpting® treatments. Formulated by Harvard scientists as a non-invasive, next-generation fat reduction technology, CoolSculpting® is FDA-approved, and has been shown to be a safe and effective, scalpel-free alternative to liposuction surgery.

    CoolSculpting Pricing

    • Special introductory pricing of  33% on CoolSculpting
    • $600 per  treatment cycle site, a savings of $300 per cycle*
    • 40% off packages of 6 or more treatment cycle for a savings of $360 per site*
    • Additional savings for packages of 8 cycles or more!!!!*
    • 50% off packages of 12 or more cycles for the low cost of $450 per treatment cycle*

    **Regular price for new Elite CoolAdvantage applicator is $900 per treatment cycle. Excludes Elite C240, C80, s150, CoolMini, Cooladvantage plus, and CoolPro applicators. Sale price for CoolMini and CoolPro is $850 per cycle. Pricing for arms, outer thighs and chins/necks may be higher. May not be combined with other specials or promotions. Prices subject to change without notice to comply with Coolsculpting minimum advertised pricing. Treatment cycle refer to one applicator cycle, not anatomic area. Multiple treatment cycles may be necessary to treat an anatomic area/region.

    Schedule Your Free CoolSculpting ConsultationCoolSculpting®


    CoolSculpting offers amazing results with numerous benefits, including:

    • Pain-free, completely comfortable treatment
    • Remarkable fat reduction in stubborn “trouble zone” areas**
    • Simple, outpatient procedure
    • Can safely be performed in one hour
    • No scalpels, injections, anesthesia, incisions, or traumatic suction
  • No risk of surgical complications
  • Convenient scheduling options
  • No post-treatment recovery time
  • No potential for burning or discomfort (as with some heat-based technologies)
  • Only ONE treatment is required for lasting results!**
  • CoolSculpting®CoolSculpting®
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    Your custom-tailored CoolSculpting® session should take no more than one hour, will not require any anesthesia, and will be performed in the comfort of either of our two pristine MBody practice facilities (Vienna and Richmond, VA). Most patients use their pain-free CoolSculpting® session time to relax, read, listen to music, or watch a movie.

    During your treatment session, we will apply a gel pad and applicator cup to the designated treatment area and employ vacuum suction to draw the tissue between the cooling panels. The improvements to your body shape may become visible within three weeks, with optimal results becoming apparent within 2-4 months. Your CoolSculpting® fat-reduction results may be lasting, provided you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen to prevent accumulation of new fat cells in the treatment zones.**
    CoolSculpting is an effective fat-reduction technique; however, some patients require a significant amount of fat removal and skin tightening that can only be achieved through surgical means. Fortunately, at MBody, we have two Board certified (ABPS) plastic surgeons available to provide helpful consultations as to the best surgical, non-surgical, or combination of surgical and non-invasive procedures.



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    How Does it Work?

    CoolSculpting® is designed to target areas of the body where fat cells are accumulated and stored (i.e. abdomen, waist, thighs, and buttocks). Excess fat deposits in these “problem areas” are often resistant to reduction through healthy lifestyle changes and can produce misshapen body contours, unsightly bulges, and the dreaded “love handles” or “muffin tops.” Unlike many heat-based technologies, CoolSculpting® is fueled by an innovative process known as cryolipolysis,™ which involves the cooling and breaking down of fat cells within persistent fatty deposits. After the fat cells have been frozen, they are gently reduced through the body’s natural metabolic process without damaging the outer layers of the skin (epidermis) or the adjacent tissues. This minimizes post-treatment healing time and allows patients to resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.

    What Can We Treat with CoolSculpting?

    Many patients turn to CoolSculpting when they aren’t a good candidate for liposuction because the treatment area is so small or if they only need to lose an inch or two. If you already live a relatively healthy lifestyle but those extra inches just won’t budge, contouring your body with a non-invasive fat reduction procedure can help!
    We have different sizes of applicators to treat common problem areas, including:

    • Abdomen
    • Love Handles
    • Bra Fat
    • Flanks
    • Back Fat
  • Thighs
  • Banana Rolls
  • Neck
  • Arms

    The CoolSculpting CoolSmooth applicator  is also now a non-surgical solution for fat reduction specifically targeting the outer thighs, known as the “saddle bag” area.  In a recent clinical study 86% of patients noticed visible fat reduction in their outer thighs after just one CoolSmooth treatment, and 86% of patients were satisfied with their results.** Check-out more information on CoolSmooth here.

    CoolSculpting® CoolSculpting®
    Learn More about Paradoxical Hyperplasia Treatment

    The M-Body Difference

    Personalized and customized treatment

    FREE consultation to learn about your goals

    Multiple modalities for surgical and non-surgical body contouring

    Our CoolSculpting experts have performed more than 10,000 treatments

    Treatments supervised by a U.S. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, not a medical director

    We will match ANY advertised pricing on CoolSculpting so you always pay the lowest price

    Schedule Your Free CoolSculpting Consultation

    **Individual results may vary.

    DISCLAIMER: Weight loss is never permanent, and CoolSculpting® is NOT intended as a weight loss mechanism. This procedure removes fat cells from the body, but the remaining fat cells can continue to grow and expand. To maintain long-term results, be sure to maintain a stable weight and adhere to a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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