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    VibraSculpt – Minimally Invasive Liposuction

    VibraSculpt – Minimally Invasive LiposuctionBalance, contour, and proportion are quintessential elements to focus on when you want an attractive, youthful figure. Modern Body Contouring & Laser Center offers you VibraSculpt, a minimally invasive liposuction procedure that will sculpt a desirable shape in nearly any part of your body that has excessive fat deposits.

    Smooth and Gentle Procedure

    Unlike traditional liposuction, the unique VibraSculpt technology allows the surgeon to improve your body contours in a least invasive way possible. The vibration will distract the pain signals, keeping you more comfortable throughout the treatment. Our surgeon will use small cannulas with controlled, high precision tissue manipulation to minimize trauma. 

    The vibration-assisted device will enable the surgeon to gently pluck the unwanted fat cells out of your body, leading to reduced discomfort and faster recovery. VibraSculpt can be used with little lipo, awake or with sedation, depending on your needs. 

    Your experienced plastic surgeon at MBody can combine VibraSculpt with skin tightening procedures, such as Renuvion/JPlasma, Bodytite and Facetite, and laser liposuction for more desirable results. 

    VibraSculpt Treatment Highlights

    With VibraSculpt you can reduce or eliminate stubborn fat from various trouble spots to restore leaner and shapelier hips, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, love handles, breasts, back, upper arms, and knees. Some of the features that set VibraSculpt apart from more invasive body contouring surgeries include: 

    • Quick and gentle outpatient procedure 
    • No general anesthesia is required 
    • Less tissue trauma and reduced discomfort
    • Precise and less invasive fat plucking, cell by cell  
    • Less recovery and convalescence time 
    • Permanent fat cell removal in one treatment 
    • Minimal to no risk of complications
    • Tiny incisions that may close without sutures
    • Natural looking contours with no ridges or lumps  

    How does it Work?

    The minimally invasive VibraSculpt fat reduction and body contouring procedure will eliminate unsightly fat bulges while sculpting the affected areas in a smooth way. The constant, gentle vibration produced by the device will diminish the pain experience, while your surgeon plucks away the targeted fatty tissue, cell by cell. 

    The surgeon will remove a large part of the fat cells in a single treatment session, providing smooth and desirable results without leaving behind any conspicuous scarring. Fat removal will be performed using very small cannulas through tiny entry points in the skin. As the treatment area heals, you will see no obvious telltale signs of surgical sutures, except a minor, natural looking skin blemish. 

    Safe Healing, Rapid Recovery

    VibraSculpt body contouring does not require any general anesthesia, so you will entirely avoid the associated risk and unpleasant after-effects. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, your post-treatment downtime will be minimal, and the healing will occur fast. 

    With little effects of bruising, swelling, and post-op discomfort in the treated sites, you can expect to return to your normal routine in about two to three days. As the treated areas will heal faster, you will be able to see noticeable body sculpting results soon after your VibraSculpt procedure. 

    Choose the Body Contouring Experts!

    The key to success in this technologically advanced procedure lies in the expertise of our plastic surgeon Dr. Sundin who is a leading specialist in body contouring procedures. Fat removal and skin tightening are the core procedures we perform at MBody, and nobody understands body contouring and fat reduction the way we do. Talk to us today to learn more about VibraSculpt!

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