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    At the Modern Body Contouring Laser Center, some of the most common and troublesome skin concerns for our patients include:

    • Acne scars
    • Aging, dry skin
    • Loose, sagging skin (skin laxity) on the face and décolletage
    • Prominent wrinkles, folds/creases, and fine lines
    • Rough, scaly skin texture
    • Uneven skin tone
    • Enlarged pores
    • Noticeable “necklace lines” (horizontal lines around the neck)


    Wouldn’t it be incredibly comforting to know that you could improve all of the aforementioned skin problems with a single treatment? The revolutionary, all-in-one skin rejuvenation workstation known as the Venus Viva™ makes this possible! Powered by SmartScan™ technology and NanoFractional Radio Frequency™ (RF), the Venus Viva™ delivers both long-term and immediate skin-enhancing effects. Its multi-tasking applications allow for consistent dermal heating and give the practitioner greater control over the radiofrequency depth penetration, ablation level, and coagulation.

    In order to extend your results and take full advantage of your Venus Viva™ treatments, your service should only be performed by an experienced technician with a track record of delivering successful results working in the field of medical aesthetics. The well-trained, professional staff members at Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center (MBody), with office locations in Richmond, VA and Vienna, VA, have undergone extensive training in radiofrequency-based cosmetic enhancement modalities, and possess the requisite knowledge to ensure that you get the most out of your Venus Viva™ treatment experience.


    • The Venus Viva™ employs heated zone density control and unique pattern generation, making it a safe choice for all skin types!
    • Venus Viva™ treatments require only minimal downtime as a result of cutting-edge, patented tip technology that effectively and painlessly resurfaces the treatment area, resulting in smoother, more even-toned skin
    • Advanced pin design creates micro dermal wounds, thus expediting the coagulation process and minimizing the discomfort level of Venus Viva™ treatments
    • There are no limitations to the size or region of the face or body that can be treated, which means patients achieve maximum coverage with minimal pain
    • Facilitates the contraction and synthesis of collagen, an integral protein for restoring youthfully smooth, beautiful skin
    • Produces uniform, consistent post-treatment tissue appearance

    To sum up, Venus Viva™ sessions accurately deliver energy to the targeted treatment areas, enable flexibility in terms of treatment zone sizes, and give the administering practitioner various levels of ablation to choose from. Collectively, these unique features reduce post-treatment downtime and minimize any discomfort during and after your Venus Viva™ session.


    At MBody Contouring and Laser Center, with office locations in Richmond and Tysons Corner, VA, our valued patients know they will receive patient care in a serene, tranquil treatment environment. Your MBody experience will provide you with a much-needed respite from the chaotic pace of everyday life—and will be your time to take care of yourself and emerge rejuvenated, refreshed, and looking your very best!

    If you would like additional information about the anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating effects of our Venus Viva™ treatments, please contact MBody Contouring and Laser Center today. We look forward to speaking with you, and to scheduling your initial consultation with one of our esteemed practitioners.

    For more information on the surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments by Board Certified (ABPS) Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons Dr. Reps Sundin  and Dr. Burton Sundin please visit 

    Serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Vienna, McLean, Loudoun, Ashburn, Tysons Corner, Reston, Arlington, Chevy Chase, Richmond and surrounding communities.

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