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    Nanofat Facial Rejuvenation

    Nanofat Facial RejuvenationThe aging process slows down the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the body, causing our facial skin to lose volume. As the face begins to sag with loose skin, the wrinkles and creases become deeper and more prominent. Heredity, illness, sun damage, weight loss, smoking, and such other factors further contribute to these increasing facial signs of aging.

    Nanofat for Facial Volumizing

    For patients who want to restore a youthful face, but without having to undergo facelift surgery, nanofat injectable treatment is a transformative non-surgical option. Nanofat facial rejuvenation involves the use of tiny injections to inject the patient’s own (autologous) fat in a micronized form directly into the depleted facial areas. The injectable procedure is not very different from dermal fillers, except that it involves an additional step of removing fat cells from excessive fat pockets in any area of the body and processing it for injecting into the face.

    Restoring Facial Youth with Nanofat

    When nanofat is injected into the facial tissue, it will rejuvenate damaged cells, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and volumize the hollowed out or depleted areas (such as the cheeks, temples and lines around the mouth). Nanofat treatment can help create a more defined chin area and jawline. It will improve facial skin elasticity and texture and provide a more even tone.

    Small amounts of nanofat can be injected into the lips to build their plump appearance and eliminate the fine lines around the lips. Nanofat injectable treatment can also help to create smoother skin in the neck area in order to provide more natural and uniform looking results for the face and neck.

    While patients can achieve a fuller, smoother face with nanofat facial rejuvenation, another benefit is that it regenerates damaged tissue for more sustainable results. When the micronized fat cells are injected into the depleted areas of the face, it triggers the body’s natural healing and repair mechanism for efficient tissue regeneration.  Fresh collagen fibers are produced, which will create structural support to counter facial volume loss. Nanofat rejuvenates the face naturally with aesthetically appealing results.


    Unlike facelift surgery, a nanofat facial rejuvenation treatment session can be performed in-office, and is completed in about one hour or less. Most patients will experience little to no discomfort because a local anesthetic will be used for the harvest and treatment sites. The downtime is minimal, which makes it an ideal procedure for working people and busy moms who may reluctant to choose an invasive facial surgery.

    Results for the face are visible immediately and will continue to improve with time. Patients often report that their facial skin has developed a healthy glow because of the bio-cellular rejuvenation process.

    Signs of facial aging, skin tone and texture, and overall skin structure can be substantially improved with nanofat facial injectable treatment. People who are suffering from sun and wind damage, sun spots, or age spots may also benefit from this treatment.

    Depending on their needs, patients can choose nanofat facial volumizing as an independent procedure or receive it in combination with PRP or another customized facial non-surgical treatment.

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