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    Renuvion J-Plasma for Neck

    Many patients are concerned about skin laxity and sagging around the neck, some common signs of aging that can start appearing as early as your 40s. Until recently, skin laxity and sagging could only be treated with surgery or fillers, and even those options don’t always produce significant results.

    M-Body now offers advanced facial skin tightening with J-Plasma by Renuvion, a minimally-invasive procedure that offers many benefits of a traditional necklift. Whether you’re concerned about loose skin around the jawline or ‘crepey’ skin on the neck, this revolutionary skin tightening procedure can tighten, tone, and firm up the skin without extensive surgery. Dr. Sundin is trained in the J-Plazty™ technique for body and facial skin tightening which was developed by Dr. Jack Zamora. 

    Is J-Plasma by Renuvion for the Neck Right for You?

    Many skin tightening treatments for the neck on the market today simply can’t deliver on the promise to tighten the skin deep within the tissue to create a significant difference. Hard-to-treat areas, such as the jowls and the upper neck, can now be treated with the J-Plasma by Renuvion procedure.

    This minimally-invasive procedure is ideal for patients that have very thin skin around the neck and loose skin around the jawline. Even though it uses heat to stimulate collagen production and tissue tightening, the energy is controlled at a level that will not burn or damage even thinner skin tissue. This is why we can use it to tighten up a ‘turkey neck’ or to treat loose skin around the chin and lower jaw areas without damaging the skin.

    Benefits of J-Plasma by Renuvion for Facial Skin Tightening

    • Fast recovery time
    • Very small incisions needed
    • Tightens skin at a deeper level than other treatments
    • Little to no risk of skin damage or burns
    • Only one treatment required
    • Noticeable results within a couple of weeks of treatment


    How J-Plasma by Renuvion for the Neck Works

    Unlike many laser skin tightening procedures out there that typically heat up the tissue to 300 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, the J-Plasma procedure heats up the tissue to only 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This not only reduces the risk of serious skin damage but also speeds up the healing and recovery time.

    The J-Plasma by Renuvion Skin Tightening procedure for the neck can be performed under local anesthesia and only requires very small incisions for a minimally-invasive liposuction cannula. The procedure uses a stream of Helium plasma energy that’s directed to the tissue subdermally, or right under the skin. The heat generated from this energy triggers collagen production deep within the tissue and creates a tightening effect that only improves over time. The result is a more youthful appearance and more taut, tight, and firmer skin in the treated areas.

    To date, there is no laser, ultrasound device or radio frequency treatment out there that’s capable of firming and tightening the skin at the same level as J-Plasma by Renuvion. If you want to improve the tone and firmness of skin around the neck, learn more about this innovative skin tightening solution, now available at M-Body.

    Find out if you’re a candidate for this breakthrough facial rejuvenation procedure. Call us today for your J-Plasma Skin Tightening consultation.

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