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The Ideal American Female

The Ideal American Female

We have been in practice long enough to see significant change in the ideal American look. When we first started practicing, we would have women bring in photos of Julia Roberts, and then it was Angelina Jolie. Now, we don’t have people bringing in physical photos, but they show us celebrity tweets and Instagram images.
This week, I had a patient come in with this Instagram image posted by Kim Kardashian. She wanted a Brazillian Butt Lift so that, as she put it, “her booty would look like Kim’s. “Every day we have consultations for breast augmentations , and the patient shows us Instagram photos of Kate Upton.
So right now, it looks like the curvy figure is the American ideal. Of course, the curves need to be in the right places, and we can help with that.
Next week, we will look at the Male American Ideal look. Yes, men also show us tweets and Instagram images of what they want to look like. And there has been quite an increase in the last few years of men seeking cosmetic procedures to get the look they want.
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