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Fat Freezing Experts (Coolsculpting)

shutterstock_85912321-199x300 Fat Freezing Experts (Coolsculpting) | Northern VirginiaModern Body Contouring and Laser Center (MBody) offers Zeltiq’s innovative CoolSculpting treatments to suitable candidates who are considering body contouring without any significant interruption to their daily schedule.

CoolSculpting has been developed by Harvard scientists as a non-invasive, advanced fat reduction technology. It is FDA-cleared and is a proven, scalpel-free alternative to liposuction plastic surgery.


MBody wants People to Look Good

The surgeon and their trained team for CoolSculpting at the Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center (MBody) will help patients in achieving their desired figure with a customized treatment approach.

The team at MBody fully understands the challenges that some patients may experience in trying to sculpt an ideal body shape on their own through diet and exercise, or through fat loss plastic surgery (liposuction).

Modern Body Contouring & Laser Center (MBody), led by board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton M. Sundin and Dr. Reps B. Sundin, provides CoolSculpting treatment to patients in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Vienna, McLean, Loudoun, Ashburn, Tysons Corner, Reston, Arlington, Chevy Chase, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and surrounding locations.


How does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting targets specific areas of the body which have stubborn fatty deposits, such as the waist, abdomen, butt, and thighs.

These “problem areas” may have stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise and compromise the contours of the body by creating unattractive bulges, and the dreaded “muffin tops” or “love handles.”

CoolSculpting, unlike may heat-based technologies, is powered by a revolutionary process called cryolipolysis. This process involves the freezing and eventual disintegration of fat cells within stubborn fat layers.

Once the fat cells have been exposed to very low temperatures and killed, the body expels them through its natural metabolic processes without any damage to the outer skin layers (epidermis) or the adjacent tissues. This mitigates the post-treatment recovery time and enables patients to resume their routine activities right after the procedure.


What does CoolSculpting Treat?

Many patients seek CoolSculpting when they are not suitable liposuction candidates as the treatment area is tiny or they only need to lose one or two inches. For patients who follow a healthy lifestyle but are unable to get rid of those extra inches, body contouring with a non-invasive fat reduction procedure such as CoolSculpting can help!

CoolSculpting features different sized applicators to address common problem areas, such as:

  • Love Handles
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Banana Rolls
  • Bra Fat
  • Flanks
  • Back Fat
  • Neck


Customized CoolSculpting Experience

A customized CoolSculpting session should not take over an hour. The patient will not need any anesthesia. The procedure can be undertaken at either of the two advanced MBody practice facilities. Most patients like to relax, read, listen to music, or watch a movie during their painless CoolSculpting session.

At the time of the treatment, the provider will apply a gel pad and applicator cup to the pre-determined treatment site and use vacuum suction to draw the tissue between the two panels. The improvements to the body shape will become apparent within three weeks, with optimal outcomes manifesting within two to four months.

The outcomes of CoolSculpting may be long-lasting if the patient follows a healthy diet and exercise regimen to prevent new fat deposits in the treated areas.


A Hybrid Approach

While CoolSculpting is an effective fat-reduction procedure, some patients may need more substantial fat removal and skin tightening through surgical means. The surgeon at MBody can offer patients helpful recommendations on the most appropriate surgical, non-surgical, or combination of procedures.

Cosmetic surgeons at MBody receive patients from Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Vienna, McLean, Loudoun, Ashburn, Tysons Corner, Reston, Arlington, Chevy Chase, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and nearby areas for CoolSculpting and other procedures.

For more information on the surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments by Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons Dr. Reps Sundin and Dr. Burton Sundin please visit

Serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Vienna, McLean, Fairfax, Loudoun County, Ashburn, Tysons Corner, Reston, Arlington, Fredricksburg, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Maryland Richmond, VA and surrounding communities.

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