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How long is recovery after facelift surgery?

Facelift Plastic Surgery

AdobeStock_110576056-300x200 How long is recovery after facelift surgery? | Northern VirginiaThe face is one of the most prominent and delicate areas of the body. Therefore, the operating surgeon must make sure that the facial harmony and integrity is not compromised after facelift plastic surgery

In this procedure, the surgeon will lift the skin off the face and tighten sagging muscles and tissue beneath the skin and remove excess skin. The recovery phase is a crucial part of the facelift plastic surgery. 

The recovery period may differ among patients based on the level of correction undertaken, the technique used, and the patient’s inherent abilities to heal. During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will explain various facets of the recovery phase to the patient.

Modern Body Contouring & Laser Center, led by board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton M. Sundin and Dr. Reps B. Sundin, provides facelift surgery to patients in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Vienna, McLean, Loudoun, Ashburn, Tysons Corner, Reston, Arlington, Chevy Chase, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and surrounding communities. 


Primary Factors in Facelift Recovery 

Other than the physical recovery, the recovery period after facelift surgery involves certain other factors as well. These aspects include emotional recovery, social recovery, and the recovery of natural skin sensation. 

Facelift surgery impacts the facial identity and integrity of the patient. Therefore, the emotional and social aspects of facelift surgery are almost as important as the physical recovery. The recovery phase usually lasts for between two to three weeks. 

The surgeon will remove the sutures and drain tubes in around seven to ten days, after which the patient will be able to return to their normal activities. However, in case the patient wants the procedure to remain discreet, they may have to remain at home for a minimum of two weeks. 

The signs of plastic surgery will subside during this period. There will be some residual inflammation even after two weeks. However, the patient can use makeup to camouflage this swelling.

After the first week, the bruising will rapidly dissipate. Patients with thinner faces will be at an advantage as the slight inflammation will appear only as subtle facial fullness making it less obvious. 

The treated facial areas will significantly improve and mature by week three. Most patients will experience numbness around the ears, but this numbness will typically resolve on its own in a few weeks. 

The sites that support the sutures will feel slightly taut, but will not be apparent to others. The surgeon will offer the patient comprehensive post-op guidelines.


Full Recovery

The patient should visit their plastic surgeon for their scheduled follow-up appointments in the weeks and months after their facelift procedure. Additionally, they should cautiously monitor their progress and contact the surgeon promptly if they experience any symptoms of post-op complications. 

The final outcomes of the facelift plastic surgery may become visible in many months. However, as the patient recovers and the inflammation resolves, the patient will start to notice a rejuvenated and more youthful facial appearance. 


Driving Tips

In the initial week after the facelift, the patient should avoid driving as the mild face, and lower neck stiffness may cause pain when moving the head. The patient should not drive until they are on pain medicines.


Social Tips 

Patients who are socially active will have to decide when they want to resume their social engagements as the visible signs of surgery will take a minimum of two weeks to resolve. The patient may use makeup or change their hairstyle a bit to hide the noticeable signs of the facelift.

Plastic surgeons at MBody receive patients from Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Vienna, McLean, Loudoun, Ashburn, Tysons Corner, Reston, Arlington, Chevy Chase, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and nearby areas for facelift surgery.

For more information on the surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments by Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons Dr. Reps Sundin and Dr. Burton Sundin please visit

Serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Vienna, McLean, Fairfax, Loudoun County, Ashburn, Tysons Corner, Reston, Arlington, Fredricksburg, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Maryland Richmond, VA and surrounding communities.

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