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    What is Botox?

    What is Botox?Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center provides a wide range of non-invasive aesthetic solutions, including Botox injectable treatment. Among a variety of non-surgical anti-aging treatments, Botox continues to be one of the most popular solutions worldwide. The treatment was approved in 2002 by the FDA for the reduction of frown lines from the face.
    Since then it has been widely used by medical spa treatment providers with highly safe and satisfactory results. It is, however, important that Botox treatment should be received only at a qualified and reputed med spa to ensure desired outcomes. Patients in Richmond, Tysons Corner, Northern Virginia, and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive Botox injections at MBody.

    How does it work?

    Botox is produced from botulinum toxin, which is recognized as a highly powerful biological substance. Controlled volumes of this toxin are used in a Botox injectable to reduce the wrinkles and lines from the face. The treatment is designed to cause the overactive wrinkle-forming muscle on the face to relax, which allows the wrinkle to fade away temporarily. Very fine needles are used to inject the treatment directly into the targeted muscle.
    The effect of Botox treatment can last for about three to six months till the muscle remains in a relaxed condition. Botox is also used for the reduction of crow’s feet around the eyes, lip enhancement and reduction of other facial lines and wrinkles. Modern Body Contouring and Laser Center is a state of the art medical spa providing Botox and other non-invasive treatments to patients in Richmond, Tysons Corner, Northern Virginia, and surrounding communities.


    Botox treatment entirely avoids the need for any cuts or incisions, and achieves very significant anti-aging results for the face. Patients who are keen to avoid the typical risks or side effects that are associated with a surgical procedure may consider Botox as an effective non-surgical alternative. The success rate of the procedure is very high, scarring is non-existent, and results are highly desirable as long as the treatment is performed by an expert at a reputed med spa.
    Botox treatment is largely free of pain and discomfort. The treatment provider will make use of a topical local anesthetic to keep the patient comfortable through the treatment. Affordability is another key benefit, particularly for people who are not keen to spend a substantial amount on an elective procedure that is not covered by health insurance.
    Busy moms and working people prefer Botox treatment the most because of its obvious advantages. A single treatment session of Botox can be completed in less than one hour. No downtime is involved in most cases, and the patient is usually able to return to their everyday routine almost immediately. Some working people, in fact, make a Botox appointment during the lunch hour, and go back to work after receiving the treatment.

    FDA Approval for Crow’s Feet

    Botox received another boost when the treatment was approved by the FDA in 2013 for cosmetic reduction of crow’s feet around the eyes. More people now feel encouraged to take advantage of the benefits of Botox as a safe and conservative anti-aging procedure.

    For more information on the surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments by Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons Dr. Reps Sundin  and Dr. Burton Sundin please visit

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