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    PRP Treatment for Hair Restoration

    PRP Treatment for Hair Restoration Northern Virginia | Washington DC

    PRP Treatment for Hair RestorationPRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a revolutionary treatment for hair loss. The team of hair restoration experts at MBody constantly strives to adopt innovative and cutting edge technologies to deliver outstanding results to their patients. PRP is one of the latest and advanced solutions, which is safe as well as proving to be highly effective for many patients.

    What is PRP?

    In recent years, cell therapy in the form of Platelet Rich Plasma, cell multiplication, growth factors have been the major areas of research and innovation in several streams of medicine. Hair transplantation is one of the key areas where researchers have noticed highly encouraging and promising results with the application of cell therapy.
    In platelet rich plasma therapy, the hair restoration expert will use the patient’s own blood. The blood is collected and sent through a centrifugal process that is designed to separate out PRP, which contains natural hair growth factors. This component is employed actively in the treatment of hair loss. PRP therapy may be used as a stand-alone procedure as well as in conjunction with hair transplant surgery.

    Benefits with Hair Transplant

    PRP therapy can provide benefit in at least four different ways when a patient is undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

    • The separated PRP is injected into the FUE or FUG/strip donor area to support the healing process and minimize scarring.
    • Each individual graft is dipped into PRP before it is transplanted into the targeted area. This ensures more effective hair re-growth.
    • It is injected directly into the scalp’s recipient areas where the grafts are placed. This helps to increase the speed of healing and improves the regrowth of grafts, especially in scalp areas that have scarring from a previous implant or another injury. Another key benefit is regrowth in the crown region where the hairs typically have a lower tendency of regrowth.
    • PRP is employed to treat loss of hair in other areas of the scalp that are not a part of the transplant surgery. This is similar to a situation where PRP is used as a stand-alone therapy.

    Duration of Treatment

    The complete process of PRP therapy may take about 90 minutes. The bulk of the time is involved in drawing and processing the patient’s blood for the injection treatment. Thereafter, the hair expert will usually review the patient at the end of second week and sixth week to assess the healing and evaluate early results.

    Results with PRP

    PRP is rich in growth factors and platelets, which are considered to be among the most powerful mediators of healing in the human body. Hair experts will customize the application of PRP to the scalp according to the hair loss pattern and other factors that are unique to a patient. Positive results can be seen in patients with progressive hair loss.
    Those who are undergoing transplant procedures can achieve more sustainable results. Most patients will show a positive response in terms of slowing down or even stoppage of the progressive hair loss. Research in the area of PRP for hair regrowth is still continuing as more and more patients report their personal experience with PRP hair regeneration.

    For more information on the surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments by Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons Dr. Reps Sundin  and Dr. Burton Sundin please visit 

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